Natural Childbirth Education Classes

 It has been discovered that a woman’s birth can be an amazing and fulfilling experience when she has the education, support and encouragement to choose her birthing circumstances within her situation. When a birth is prepared for with education and careful decision-making a woman can feel the power of her choices guiding her through her birthing; knowing that she has chosen who supports her during birth, what care is administered to her and her child, and where and how she gives birth can make birth a positive and wonderful experience.

 Your life. Your birth. Your loving instincts!

 “Natural Birthing Basics” 6 Week Natural Childbirth Course:

  1. Prenatal Wellness: achieving a healthy pregnancy. Topics include: summary of pregnancy, prenatal healthcare and tests, healthy lifestyle evaluation tools, nutrition for pregnancy, and pregnancy exercise.
  2. Thoughtful Decisions: planning and communicating for birth. Topics include: choices and responsibilities, natural or medical?, where to give birth, selecting a care provider, evaluating priorities, communicating preferences, questions to ask to make informed decisions, and birth plans.
  3. The Birth Process: a summary of labour and birth. Topics include: anatomy of pregnancy and birth, preparing for labour, when will labour begin?, descriptions of labour and birth, descent and cardinal movements, behavior and feelings during labour, birth stories, labour tips and activities, and labour variations.
  4. Natural Childbirth: finding confidence and support. Topics include: how perceptions and influences affect birth, the physiology of fear and tension, the physiology of calm and confidence, the environment of birth, water for birth, the influence of care providers and birth location, partner and doula roles, understanding interventions, addressing fears, recovering from natural birth.
  5. Finding Comfort: ideas for managing your birth. Topics include: understanding your body, the environment, physical relaxation, comfort measures, mental relaxation, relaxation scripts and visualizations, summary of professional services, medical options for pain relief, comfort in second stage.
  6. Following the Birth: the postpartum and newborn period. Topics include: the physical and emotional changes after birth, a restful recovery, postpartum nutrition and exercise, baby blues and postpartum depression, newborn care practices, newborn characteristics and abilities, breastfeeding basics, and newborn sleep and soothing tips.

Coming soon!!……Additional Classes:

  1. Birth Alternatives: taking birth one step further. Topics include: homebirth, hypnobabies and hypnobirthing, waterbirth, placenta rituals, blessingways, unassisted birth, traditional birth attendants, and orgasmic/ecstatic birth.
  2. Natural/Alternative Parenting: an introduction. Topics include: cloth diapering, babywearing and safety, “attachment parenting”, making organic baby food, organic baby products and nursery, baby-led weaning, and extended/tandem breastfeeding.
  3. Childbirth Education for Siblings: when children attend birth. Topics include: child friendly labour and childbirth descriptions, how to involve your child with your birth, how to prepare your child for the emotions of birth, book reading of “we’re having a homebirth”, birth centered colouring pages and activities.

There are 2 ways to take LBL Natural Childbirth Classes

  1. The Core 6 week course ($125) with the option of the 3 additional classes at half price (payment plans available).
  2. A La Carte: all classes are $25 per couple, simply check the online schedule and call to book the specific classes you want (2 days in advance).

*Discounts apply for military families, single mothers, teenage mothers, and low-income families (proof required) Please ask me about discounts at booking time if one applies to you*

25% Discount for Birth Doula Clients

Please use the contact me form to inquire about current and upcoming course schedules.

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