Maternity Concierge/Baby Planning

A maternity concierge or baby planner is someone who can help you plan and prepare for any and all aspects of preconception, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenthood.

Think about a wedding planner and all they could do for you. They can help you find your dream dress, find a venue, plan the engagement party, help you plan the ceremony and reception, seating plans, hair/makeup/nail trials, finding a great photographer/videographer. That is how a baby planner works.

As a doula, childbirth educator midwifery student and parent of 2 sweet children, I can help you plan for pregnancy, birth, postpartum period (babymoon) and parenthood.

As your maternity concierge/baby planner I can help you:

~Find a great doctor or midwife that you love

~Find a doula and childbirth education classes that suit you and your partners needs/style

~Plan your babyshower or blessingway, or both!

~Create a birthplan based on informed consent and complete education on the issues that concern you

~Help you decide where to birth and what comfort measures you would like to use

~Help you pack for the hospital and arrange transportation and call list

~Design your dream nursery

~Help you babyproof and/or “greenproof” your home

~Provide education on pregnancy diet, exercise, overall health and comfort

~Provide hands on instruction on baby care basics like bathing, feeding, holding, sleeping, swaddling, comfort, and safety

~Help you find all the baby gear and maternity clothing you need and want

~Help you with breastfeeding, pumping and/or bottlefeeding

For more information please visit my Live Birth Love Maternity Concierge website at or call 250-731-7811 or email for a free consultation appointment.

Happy Birthing and Parenthood!

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