Hi-tech Doula Direct (virtual doula)

Birth Doula Virtual Services

Prenatal and Birth Care:

My Birth Services include 2-3 prenatal conferences to discuss your birth, baby, and any other information you would like about becoming (a) parent(s). This can be done by Skype or Phone.

We will cover previous birth history and your current pregnancy, comfort measures for labour, basic birth physiology, informed consent, hospital policies, procedures, and interventions, medication and pain relief options, as well as breastfeeding and infant care. You will receive help if wanted with creating birth, breastfeeding and baby care plans. You will receive an information package with helpful resources, links, book recommendations, and local information at the first visit if you are interested.

I will attend your child’s birth via phone or skype as a steady support system for you and your loved ones in attendance. I will suggest relaxing, focusing, and other gentle labour techniques to assist you in achieving your desired birthing experience. I will offer constant informational and emotional support in any way I can, as well as help you follow your birthing plan as fully as possible.

I also offer information on cloth diapering, babywearing, co-sleeping, circumcision, vaccination, lotus birth, and placenta encapsulation. Just Ask!! Also check out the Resources page of this website for informative internet links on these subjects.

Postpartum and Family/Baby Care:

You will then receive support as you adjust into the roles of (a) new parent(s). I will support and encourage you in breastfeeding, some postpartum needs, and baby care essentials again via phone or skype. You will receive 3-5 (or less if not needed) postpartum conferences whenever it is convenient for you. Usually I will arrange to talk with you the day after your birth to make sure you are comfortable and adjusting well. Then a follow-up conference within 2 weeks following your birth as well as a 6 week closing appointment to discuss your birth story and how you feel about your birthing experience. You will be able to call, message or skype almost any time you would like information or support.

After the postpartum conferences you are welcome to contact me at anytime for additional support by phone or email.

Hypnobabies Birthing

I am a certified hypnobabies hypno-doula assisting couples who are planning to have a hypno-birth. My training has prepared me to flow and move within the ideas and concepts of hypnobirthing to assist the birthing woman and her partner in achieving their birthing plans.

The cost of virtual services are arranged on a sliding scale in the same way traditional services are. I will be on call for you for the same timeframe as I am with traditional clients which is why the fees are similar. Fees for virtual doula services are around $100 less than traditional because you will not have the same hands on physical support.

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