Why I am a Doula

I have been married since 2006 to my wonderfully supportive husband and we have two beautiful children, a son (2008) and a daughter (2011). I decided to become a doula after I had a very poor experience with the birth of my son. I found myself depressed and feeling like a failure as a woman after reading and hearing many wonderful birth stories from other women.  I was disapointed that my birth did not feel empowering at all, after I had heard so many empowering stories from friends and online acquaintances. When my son was a little over two years old I decided that after spending so much time being sad over my birth experience and taking the time to research how wonderful and fulfilling birth could be, I would take another step and attend a doula workshop.  I wanted to help other women experience what I felt was taken from me: a wonderful, instinctual, mother-led birthing journey.

I trained with a wonderful DONA certified Birth Doula Educator in the summer of 2010 and the experience was life changing. I learned so much about what the body is capable of on it’s own without interference and learned how powerful, exhilarating, emotional, empowering, blissful (yes!! blissful!!…sometimes even described as orgasmic!!!) birth could be when a woman is allowed to follow her intuition and natural instincts to do the most natural thing her body was intended to do. I also learned that even when we do everything possible to follow our birth plans, things can go not as planned, and that is NOT our fault, and our birth experiences can still be great when medical interventions are needed to save the lives of mom and/or baby. My weekend seminar was full of spiritual and emotional healing and bonding with these wonderful women who opened my eyes to new ideas and opinions of the glorious journey that is birth.

I have also been training to be a hypno-doula to assist couples who are planning to have a hypnobirth, the training prepares me to flow and move within the ideas and concepts of hypnobirthing to assist the birthing woman and her partner in achieving their birthing plans.

I have also spent some time training in the use of aromatherapy, herbs and essential oils for pregnancy, labour, and the birthing journey, as well as in postpartum care.

In 2010 I became pregnant with my second child and I felt that I was well prepared to have a more satisfying labouring and birthing experience with all of the training and research I had done over the past year. My second labour and birth was completely different and a lot more satisfying than my first, not perfect in every way, but I felt much more in control, dealt with the contractions very differently and easily, my labour was half the length as with my son’s. I didn’t have any tearing, I moved when I wanted to move, did as I felt necessary, got comfortable with my own body, and let my body take charge and do it’s thing. My recovery time was amazing, with my son I took 2 days to walk, and spent the next 3 days in pain trying to do normal things, with my daughter I had almost no swelling or pain, we went home within 8 hours of her birth, and breastfeeding went amazing (was not successful with breastfeeding with my son because of stress, NICU stay and other factors), within a week of my daughter’s birth, my body felt almost completely normal.

I want to help other women have their best births possible from their first birth and the rest to follow, it is my goal and desire to provide doula care to any woman who wants it, because we all deserve to feel powerful, instinctual, empowered, glorious, and in control while giving birth to our children.

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